Network Ireland – September Event

September is a busy month in business – the wheels begin turning full swing and it’s a month of “Getting it Done.”

Network Ireland are hosting an informative event bringing together women in business from the areas of Accounting, Business Coaching and Law. Ann Marie Shannon, Veritas Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors, Sinead O’Neill, Business Coach and founder of the Off Social Social and our own Suzanne Parker, Parker Law Solicitors will be speaking on the evening.

Tickets are on sale on Eventbrite and there is a code for members to avail of a discount.

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Aisling Irish joins Parker Law

Parker Law is growing, and we are delighted to welcome our new solicitor – Aisling Irish – to the firm. Aisling is a native of Kilmacow in South Kilkenny and trained as a Solicitor with Harte’s Solicitors in Kilkenny City. Aisling qualified in 2016 and specialises in residential conveyancing, commercial property transactions, employment law and litigation.  We are very excited to welcome Aisling to the team.

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Parker Law Bursary

We were delighted recently to come on board with SETU Waterford in its inaugural year by presenting Stephen Lacey with the Parker Law Bursary. Stephen was the University’s nominee for the Chief Justice’s Summer Placement in Dublin. Congratulations to Stephen and we look forward to joining with working with all concerned.

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Waterford Network Irish Awards at Waterford Castle

What a fantastic day at the @networkwaterford @networkireland Awards in @waterfordcastlegolf. We are overjoyed to announce that Parker Law won three awards. Thank you to the judges and the committee. We look forward to representing Waterford in the national finals in October.


Parker Law named as finalist in four awards in Waterford Network Ireland Awards

Some fantastic news today. Parker Law has three finalists in four categories @networkwaterford Businesswomen of the Year Awards. Congratulations to Aoife, Cathy and Suzanne.


Parker Law Third Birthday Celebrations

It is true what they say, birthdays come around faster every year. Today is Parker Law’s third birthday! It was a big year of change and growth for us. Like most companies, we are still navigating the new normal. Our priority this year has stayed the same, the people. The people we act for and the people we work with. This will always be the most important thing to us.

In addition to our fantastic existing team of Morette, Sheila, Aoife, Rebecca and Antoinette, we were joined by Hayley, Cathy, Aisling and Lisa at different stages during the last twelve months. Not forgetting our youngest arrivals this year, Nell and Max, but they are not on the payroll just yet!

I personally want to thank everyone who has been part of this year with Parker Law. Looking forward to the next 12 months and what it will bring.



Parker Law named as Trusted Solicitor for First Time Buyer Ireland

We are delighted to announce that Parker Law Solicitors have been asked to be the one and only Trusted Solicitor for First Time Buyers Ireland. We have always prided ourselves on our work with First Time Buyers and providing them with the best client service possible. This invitation has assured us that what we do is making a difference! We look forward to assisting the group.


Purchasing a Property

Purchasing a property is an exciting time for first time buyers but there are always questions about the process. We are hoping to shed a little light on the basics. As follows are some of the frequently asked questions we receive from first time buyers:

  1. When would you suggest is the best time to engage with a solicitor?

Have your solicitor lined up as soon as possible. It gives you time to get quotes and see who you feel the most comfortable with.

  1. What should be your first step?

Mortgage approval, always get the mortgage ready if you are obtaining a mortgage.

  1. Is the booking deposit refundable?

The booking deposit is fully refundable and the purpose of this payment is to take the property off the market in order for contracts to issue. Always check to make sure that the auctioneer is registered with the PSRA.

  1. Is the bank valuation the same as a survey?

Your bank will request a valuation to be carried out on the property. The valuation confirms that the price you are paying is the market value. We would always recommend that an architect/engineer is engaged separately to ensure that there are no issues with the property that cannot be seen by the paperwork or by inspection. This report will let you know if there may be any problems in the future and help you make a full informed choice about the purchase.

  1. Once a buyer’s bid has been accepted, what can they expect to happen next?

Contracts are issued and pre-contract investigation is carried out by your solicitor. Your solicitor will provide you with information about the property. Once they receive your loan pack, they will arrange to meet with you and sign the contracts.

With a second-hand house, a closing date would be agreed in advance and you would have your house insurance and life insurance in place by then.

  1. If a couple are receiving a gift for the purchase, what additional documents may be requested by the bank?

The bank may look for an additional document to be signed, maybe a Gift Letter or a Deed of Confirmation that the family member may have to get independent legal advice on.

  1. If the couple are not married, what other legal paperwork would you recommend?

We would recommend a Co-Ownership Agreement where the owners agree in advance on how to deal with the property if there are any issues in the future.

  1. How much should a buyer typically allow for legal fees on a standard home purchase?

Purchasers should keep in mind there are a few things that must be paid for at the same time as the purchase of their property.

  • Your solicitors professional fees including VAT
  • Stamp duty would then be due at 1% of the purchase price
  • Registration costs could cost up to €1,000 and is also based on the purchase price
  • There are search costs which are required on the day of closing against all parties involved
  • A planning search is required for a second-hand property but would not be required for a new build.
  • A second-hand house would also have Local Property Tax (LPT) to be apportioned from the date of closing. This would not be required on a new build (this could be subject to change)
  • Swearing costs – Commissioner for Oaths
  • Architects/Engineers fees which are paid directly to them.
  1. What can delay closings?

Getting title deeds from bank, getting loan offers, one party waiting on the purchase of another house. Every purchase is different, and your solicitor can give you this information when they receive the contracts.

  • What happens on the day of closing?

On the day of closing, you will be able to collect the keys. Closing searches are carried out on the morning of the closing and all the closing documents are checked to make sure they are accurate. Your solicitor will then pay your stamp duty and registration will begin in the Land Registry.

If you are looking for a solicitor to assist, feel free to contact us on

Please note: This post should not replace independent legal advice and should be only used as a guide.


Morette Kinsella Appointment to Council

Great news that Morette Kinsella of Parker Law Solicitors has been re-elected to the Law Society Council for another term. Congratulations to Morette! We are looking forward to a very exciting twelve months ahead.


Parker Law named as Finalists in Irish Law Awards

We are delighted to announce that Suzanne Parker and Parker Law Solicitors have been named as finalists in three categories in the Irish Law Awards 2021.

Excellence & Innovation in Client Services Munster – Parker Law Solicitors

Munster Sole Principal of the Year – Suzanne Parker, Parker Law Solicitors

Law Firm Website of the Year – Parker Law Solicitors

We look forward to celebrating at the Burlington Hotel on Friday 29th October 2021 with the other finalists. Best of luck to all!